Intravenous Needle | IV Needle

IV needles helps to limit deviation of vein breakage when infusing fluids, water or drugs into the patient’s vein. Intravenous needle is a type of needle that includes 01 stainless steel needle and 01 flexible plastic tube. After inserting to the vein, the needle is pulled out and the flexible plastic tube stays in the vein. As a result, patients can easily exercise, minimize pain and reduce the risk of infection.




  • Made from medical plastic so the catheter is thin and strong enough as well as elasticity to help hug the stainless steel needle tightly.
  • The design needle is beveled, sharp, minimizing pain.
  • The transparent needle holder is easy to observe bleeding.
  • There is a microfiltration plate in the needle.
  • A swirl cap is available to allow the cap to seal into the catheter after removal of the steel needle.
  • There is a safety guard that seals the steel needle after the needle is removed from the barrel of the catheter.
  • Threaded needle has a convenient wing for fixing the needle.
  • Standard venous needle inserts: ISO 9001: 2003 / NS, EN ISO 13485: 2012, CE, WHO – GMP
  • No DEHP.
  • Sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic, no fever.
  • Size: 20G, 22G, 24G
  • For single use only.

Instructions for use of intravenous needles:

  • Choosing the right vein, the veins should be small and mobile (can choose the non-dominant hand of the patient).
  • Disinfect needle injection placement area 2 times.
  • Proceed after 30 seconds.
  • Use your index finger and your dominant thumb to hold the handle of the needle.
  • The index finger and the other thumb should stretch the surface of the skin at the needle puncture site.
  • Holding the beveled nose upright, insert the needle into the vein 30 ° from the surface of the skin until the blood comes out.
  • Lower the needle parallel to the skin surface, push the needle in about 0.3 cm deep, push the catheter into the vein.
  • Place your middle finger on the tip of the tip of the catheter. Hold the needle handle with your index finger.
  • Fix the catheter needle handle securely with tape.

A Threaded Needle can be used in combination with a Triple Lock and an infusion lin .   

*** To check that the needle was inserted in the correct position, we only need to pump a small amount of 9% Natriclorid solution.

Need to rotate the needle placement position 48-72 hours / time.


  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight


  • 100 pcs / Box

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100 pcs (Box)