Infusion (With 22G Butterfly Needles)



Structure of the VIMED infusion:
Bottle needle: hard, sharp, pointed, with protective cap.
Air release valve: with sterile air filter design.
Dropper count: transparent, easy to observe, monitoring the drop count, with fluid filter design.
Conductor: soft, flexible, supple and has high elasticity, does not break when storing and using.
Flow regulator: includes a trough and a roller to move easily, must not have cracks, cracks, and trails.
Needle connector: made from hard plastic without cracks, cracks, burrs.
Needle is made of stainless steel, has sufficient mechanical hardness, does not warp under normal conditions, does not oxidize; smooth, glossy needle surface; needle tip sharp, beveled 3 edges and no burrs, with protective cap. Hand color according to international color coding standards help distinguish needle sizes.
Used for infusion

How to use:

  • Hang the infusion bottle (bag).
  • Adjust the roller to lock the flow.
  • Insert the bottle needle into the infusion bottle (bag).
  • Aspirate infusion into half of the bulb count drops by squeezing the bulb gently. Do not smoke full of elected.
  • Insert the needle into the needle connector.
  • Adjust the rollers to let the fluid run through the wire to expel all the air, then adjust the roller to lock.
  • Perform the infusion and control the infusion rate with a flow regulator.
  • Use the Y port if you need to add other types of fluid.

* Note:
No blood transfusion, substances incompatible with the infusion.
For single use.
Do not use if the packing bag is exposed or damaged.
01 set / Bag.
25 sets / Large bag
500 sets / Carton