Surgical Drain Tubing

Surgical drainage tubing is a medical device that is responsible for cleaning secretions to open up the respiratory tract. Facilitates gas exchange circulation. Get secretory secretions for diagnostic purposes. Prevent infection due to the accumulation and stagnation of phlegm. Deep suction (lower respiratory tract aspiration) is also used to stimulate the cough reflex.




The structure includes:
Connector (with slide joint.): Made of soft, flexible plastic, without burrs, color according to international standards.
Wire: soft, flexible, with hole punched and rounded.
Made of primary medical plastic, anti-fracture.
Sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic, no fever.
Clear plastic helps to observe the flow.

Instructions for use of surgical drain tubing:

Note: Use once / Read the instruction manual carefully / Do not use if the packing bag is exposed or damaged.
Choosing the right size of the suction tube for the patient.
Lubricate the suction tube with distilled or sterile saline.
Gently pass the suction tube directly through the nose or mouth or through the endotracheal tube to the patient who is intubated to the correct position to suck up mucus or secretions.
Connect with a vacuum.
Absorb mucus and secretions and gently move the tube to absorb all the fluid.
Gently pull out the suction tube when finished.


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