Ear Saver Face Mask Buckle (Pack of 5)

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Face Mask Buckle is an accessories for face mask which suitable for anyone who’s worn a face mask for a long time such as medical workers treating patients. A plastic buckle are made with small bars at the ends that hold the elastic behind the person’s head, relieving the pressure behind their ears.


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10 (pack)


∙ Made by PP flexible material can be self-sterilized, easy to clean unlimited reuse non-allergic ∙ Mask ear strap hook ear protector anti-leak extension hook ∙ Fits perfectly to your head, maximum comfort wraparound ∙ Main features-stylish design, light weight, sterile, environmentally friendly ∙ Reduce the pain and pressure of wearing a mask in the ear for a long time


∙ Product name: Face Mask Buckle ∙ Packing: 10 Pcs/pack ∙ Material: Plastic ∙ Item size: One size only ∙ Item weight: 25g


∙ Highly recommended for medical workers such as doctors and nurse, who suffering great physical pain on face and ears caused by face masks, goggle and ppe equipments.